40+ Impossibly Cute Products You’ll Actually Use

40+ Impossibly Cute Products You’ll Actually Use



So. Much. Cute.

1. Rainmaker Plant Watering Cloud

When the clouds in the sky aren’t doing their job, this little plastic one will step up to the task.

Price: $11.99

2. Bat Clothespins

This is how Dracula does his laundry.

Price: $2.50

3. Fixie Pizza Cutter


Can you imagine what it would be like to *actually* ride a bike through a giant pizza? The cheese would probably clog up your pedals pretty fast, tbh.

Price: $18

4. Yolkpig Egg Separater


That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Price: $13.99

5. Measuring Snail

Slime trail not included (thankfully).

Price: $14.99


6. Ice Cream Cone Ice Scraper

Scraping ice becomes a bit less of a chore when you think of it as scooping ice cream.

Price: $10

7. Wall Night Lights

These aren’t *actual* light switches, they’re LED ones powered by battery. Each face come with removable adhesive tape, so you can attach them to whatever surface you wish. The perfect placement? Right beside the bed of a little boy or girl who happens to be afraid of the dark.

Price: $12

8. Llama Salt & Pepper Shakers

Will they try to escape from your dining room?

Price: $10

9. Plankton Pot Strainer

Keep your pasta in the pot while you strain it using this whale’s “baleen.”

Price: $18.99

10. Mana-Tea Infuser

This guy looks so relaxed that it almost makes you want to spend some time soaking in a giant tub of tea.

Price: $14

11. Pirate Corkscrew

An arrrrg-dorable way to open up a bottle of wine.

Price: $28.99

12. Robot Nut Crackers

“We’ll crack your nuts for you. We like walnuts the best.” = what these guys would say to you if you could speak Robot.

Price: $30

13. Flower Power Steam Releaser

♫ Pasta breeze, makes me feel fine…; ♫

Price: $17.99

14. Snail Funnel

Slow and steady wins the race (when it comes to pouring liquids through a funnel without slopping).

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